Most Used Cell Phone Apps

appsA lot of people may only be concerned with using their cell phone to, well, you know, make calls. Or send text messages. But many others use it as a personal, portable computer and gaming device and love the variety of the apps and technology that can be installed on phones.

Angry Birds
This is where apps really became huge. A strange little game where you shoot birds out of a giant sling shot and try to knock down structures and kill pigs. It caught on quickly, and soon everyone was playing it and more apps and games were being designed and developed that were similar. Now there are many different versions of Angry Birds, all with hundreds of levels to move through to keep you busy for days and weeks.

Candy Crush
Candy crush is yet another popular, addicting game that was designed and took off in popularity. It’s based off of the game Bejeweled, except instead of jewels the point is to match up 3 or more of the same types of candies in a row. Each match you make gives you points, and you need to meet a certain amount of points in a limited number of moves in order to move to the next level.

This app probably does not need an explanation. Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site and many people use it daily. The majority of people use Facebook to communicate with each other instead of sending emails, letters or making phone calls The digital age has given us more ways to communicate with people near and far. You use Facebook by adding friends to your network; they can then see your posts and pictures, and you can see theirs. You can comment and like anything they post and see what everyone you know is up to each day if you want. You can also install Messenger, Facebook’s messenger app, to send private messages to your Facebook friends.

Instagram is yet another hugely popular social media site, dedicated only to pictures and videos, instead of posting updates. It’s a way to share photos and videos of your life and interests with the people that you allow to follow you. Instagram is also an editing tool, with many pre-made filters you can apply to photos and other editing tools for you to manually edit the photos you post.

Pinterest is basically a personal online bulletin board. Here you can ‘pin’ anything you want to new boards that you create. People will collect recipes, websites, workouts, cool pictures or projects and share with others. It’s a way save everything you’ve ever seen that you have liked on the internet in one convenient place.

Twitter is another social networking site, but more of a condensed version of Facebook. Each tweet can only be 140 characters, so people have to tweet out quick, short updates instead of large drawn out ones that they can share on Facebook. It is a quick way to communicate – many news outlets tweet breaking news on Twitter, and many people look to twitter for any newest updates in news or activity.

Hundreds More In App Store
The above are just a few of the most popular and frequently used apps on cell phones. There are hundreds and hundreds of different apps in the app store that you can install to help you with productivity, to watch the weather, to help you with fitness, to help you connect with people or just for fun. If I would recommend one app it would be a cell phone spy app to keep an eye on all other apps. In just minutes they can be located and downloaded to a cell phone to be used instantly.